Start selling your digital product or subscription in 5 minutes using Mango – no tech skills required

Create profitable sales funnels and cross-sell your products with ease, without the need for expensive developers or complicated software.

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Why Mango?

Seamless integration:

Sell your digital products or subscriptions directly from your WordPress website with Mango’s direct integration.

Boost Conversions with Pro-Grade Checkout Pages:

Get continuously optimized checkout pages from industry-leading payment providers like Stripe and PayPal, so you can sell more and maximize revenue.

Versatile platform:

Mango supports digital products, physical goods, and subscriptions, so you can sell what you want, how you want.

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Start Accepting Payments Right Now!

No expensive developers needed

Start accepting payments inside your WordPress site without the need for expensive developers or complicated software.

Boost Sales with Custom Funnels

Maximize your revenue per sale with customizable checkout funnels.

Works with all WP themes & editors

That’s right, use any WP theme or WP editor to create your landing pages in seconds.

Easy to use

Sell your digital products or subscriptions in 5 minutes or less with Mango’s easy-to-use interface that’s focused on maximizing conversions and boosting sales.

Effortlessly Sell Products with Mango

Customize Your Checkout with Mango

Mango lets you create checkout experiences that fit your customers’ needs. Whether you want a simple and quick process, or a more customized journey with multiple purchase options, Mango’s customizable checkout funnels help guide your customers towards a successful purchase and increase your sales.

No WooCommerce required

Save $200 by connecting your Stripe or PayPal accounts directly to Mango for checkout. It’s hassle-free and easy to set up.

Need more reasons to try Mango?

Use Your Own WP Site

Keep using your own WordPress site without the need to use complicated landing page software.

Sell Subscriptions & Products

Easily sell recurring subscriptions and products with a single click.

1-click Upsells & Order Bumps

Increase average order value by 10%-30% using 1-click upsells and order bumps.

Create Sales Funnels Visually

Use the built-in sales funnel visualizer to easily create an unlimited number of sales funnels.

Send Customer Data

Sync data to create new accounts, run an email sequence, update your CRM and much more.

Stripe & PayPal Integration

Easily integrate by synchronizing any existing plans with a single click.

See Mango in action.

See how Mango works with your favorite WordPress Editor.


Oxygen Builder

WP Bakery


Divi Builder

Thrive Architect

Beaver Builder

Brizy Builder

What exactly is Mango?

Mango is a powerful premium WordPress plugin that enables you to easily accept payments and grow your revenues.

With Mango, you can create customized checkout funnels that guide your customers through the buying journey, while increasing sales with 1-click upsells and order bumps.

Mango is the ultimate tool for digital marketers, coaches, consultants, and small business owners who want to improve their checkout process and boost sales. Mango integrates seamlessly with any WordPress website, giving you complete control over your customer’s experience.

Will Mango work with my WordPress Site?

Yes, Mango is designed to work with any WordPress site.

Who is this for?

Mango is for anyone who wants to create a seamless and customizable checkout experience for their customers on their WordPress site. It’s perfect for small business owners, freelancers, coaches, and consultants who want to increase their sales and grow their online presence. Mango is great for those who want to easily sell recurring subscriptions and products, and for those who want to take advantage of 1-click upsells and order bumps to increase their average order value.

Does Mango work with Stripe & Paypal?

Yes! I support both PayPal and Stripe. Let me know if you’re interested in any other payment gateway integrations by tweeting me at @moremangoapp.

Can I sync new customer data to my existing services (CRM, Email provider, etc.)?

You can synchronize new customer data to your existing services in a number of ways:

1. There are ready-made integrations, which you can see here: Integrations

2. You can create your own custom webhook and select data you want to send via a special interface we’ve made available to you.

What’s the difference between order bumps and upsells?

Once a customer has chosen to buy your product, they become more open to consider additional products. Their purchasing intent is clear. Hence, there’s no better time to offer additional products at that time to increase your average order value.

You can offer order bumps at the time they land on the checkout page. These are typically closely linked to the product you’re already selling (think: expedited delivery, upgrading an offer, adding insurance, etc.).

But you can also offer up-sells immediately after they made a purchase that promote another product they may also want to consider.

Mango enables you to do both – one-click upsells as well as order-bumps.

What types of plans do you offer?

Mango comes in 2 flavors: monthly or yearly plans. And with a yearly plan you save by getting 2 months for free. To get started today, just follow this link so I can get you setup.

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