If you’re building sales funnels for yourself or your clients, this plugin is going to save you money, dozens of hours and ALOT of headaches.

Instead of being hostage to unreliable & complicated landing page software, ugly design templates, costly add-ons and having to watch hours upon hours of tutorials, with the Mango plugin you unlock the power of WordPress and are finally able to create professional sales funnels using any WordPress theme.

By being able to use WordPress to create your sales funnels, you can now take advantage of 1,000s of themes, plugins & integrations.

With Mango it’s dead-simple to start – just point-and-click. You can create simple funnels or even complex, non-linear funnels that branch off to multiple paths, allowing you to maximize your average order value by 10%-30%.

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No Ugly Design Templates

Break free from ugly design templates and use what you want.

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No costly add-ons

No costly add-ons just to get your sales funnels setup.

Create simple & complex funnels

Increase your average order value with simple or complex funnels by 10%-30%.

No learning curve

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